Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chemist and the Architect Field Trip

On Monday, May 14 the fourth grade journeyed to Midland to learn about two entrepreneurs of Michigan.  During the morning we spent time at Herbert Henry Dow's original brine mill where he extracted bromine and later began the Dow Chemical Company.  In the afternoon we toured Alden Dow's home and studio.  He began his studies of architecture with Frank Lloyd Wright.  We were awed by the "submarine" studio sunken into the pond, the theater, and porch over the pond.  At the end of the afternoon groups designed a home for imaginary clients on magnetic boards.  It was a great day of learning and fun!  The photos below are from Alden Dow's Home and Studio.
Mrs. Sue Brandt

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Wax Museum-May 4, 2018

Our Wax Museum event took place Friday, May 4.  Each student read a biography, took notes, wrote a report from these notes, transferred the paragraphs to a 3 x 5 inch note card for ease in memorizing, designed and made a poster, and then acted as this special historical figure at the Wax Museum for the student and adult guests.  All did a great job with their speech, making eye contact, and acting like this person.  Well done everyone! It was a great event!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Art Show at Fashion Square Mall

Several of our artist/students currently have their art displayed at the mall!  Congratulations!  Hurry in to see it!

Birds of Prey Assembly

Birds of prey came to visit Bethlehem for two assemblies on Monday, April 23.  These birds all had been hurt in someway and so cannot live in the wild anymore.  We were able to touch several types of doves, and learned so much about owls and hawks.  Pictures of the students with small screech owls, a larger owl that likes the camouflage of the sweatshirt of the woman carrying him, a large bird from the dove family, and a small kestrel are below.