Tuesday, March 13, 2018

National Lutheran Schools Week

This year's theme for the national celebration of thousands of kids is: Its Still All About Jesus-Yesterday, Today, and Forever.  The fourth grade began the celebration the Friday before by spending our Faith Studies time in our church.  Each sketched and colored something in our church that reminded them of what they believe about God.  Look on our classroom door to see the results.  Items chosen included the baptismal font, the organ, the cross on the altar, the sculpture of the ascending Jesus, the drum and microphone, the Bethlehem star window, and the window with Luther's Rose in it.

Below you'll see the fun results of our dress up days.
 Jesus is the Message and mismatched day

 Jesus is the Truth and Dr.Seuss/favorite book character day.

 Jesus is the mission of the church and school and purple crayon/crazy socks day

 Viewing the play The Lightning Thief at the Temple Theater!

 Costumes were of professions or activities they wanted to do when grown up.

 Jesus is the Focus of Our Life and Charger pride day.

 Fun Fair Fun?  This crazy teacher put all of her students in jail!  Oh No!

 Glad you could all participate in our fun days at school, the field trip, and at the Fun Fair.  Thanks to parents who drove on the field trip, figured out costumes, and helped at the Fun Fair.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our Lower Grade Spelling Bee winners!  Tyler Sowatsky took first place overall.  Jaden Stahl was the second place winner for our grade.  Both Natalie Slone and Luke Gorney also represented our class well.  It isn't easy to think on your feet and speak into a microphone in front of an audience!  But what great experience for life!  The day before we made posters advertising the event to put up in our hallways.  They did great in including all of the important information and in making them visually pleasing.

I know Christmas is over....but.....

I couldn't resist sharing these photos from January.  The fourth graders helped our three year old buddies view the nativity scene that is is displayed each year in the church narthex.  They had fun identifying baby Jesus, his mommy, Mary and his daddy, Joseph.  It's so special to see kids turn into teachers and sharers of God's truth!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Blessed year of 2018 to everyone! from Mrs. Brandt

A new promising new year has begun.  I'm looking forward to spending it with my fourth grade class.      I'm confidant that God will shower blessings on us as we include Him in outlives here at Bethlehem.  During this cold, frigid night though, I'm looking back to several great events for our class in December.

Now that we all can play pieces in recorder we gave our chapel buddies a concert!  We played O McDonald Had a Farm while the three year olds chose which animals lived on the farm.  We also performed Jolly Old Saint Nicolas.  Afterward we made Christmas cards for each other.  Each had a unique way to incorporate the manger scene into the card using special stickers and stamps.

The last picture is of our last rehearsal for our Christmas performance on Wednesday, December 20.  The message of the cross as part of Christ's birth was clearly communicated through the wonderfully sung Christmas carols and dialogue.  Good job everyone!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Birthday Party Fun!

My birthday is on New Years Day.  One perk is that I always have the day off.  But it also is hard to find time to celebrate it with family and friends.  So when the fourth grade surprised me with a party on December 8, I was VERY surprised and delighted to celebrate before Christmas.  Thanks to all who helped with the food, presents, and the fun time!  Its a birthday celebration I won't forget!
Mrs. Brandt

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Reading with our buddies

While we enjoy helping our three year old buddies learn to worship in chapel,

we also LOVE visiting them in their classroom.  After practicing our oral reading skills with each other, we read two picture books to our buddies.  Sue Brandt

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chapel for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

How do you celebrate the Reformation you may ask?  By giving chapel on the day of the 500th anniversary!  On October 31, 2017 the fourth grade did a great job of conveying the theme:  "Its still ALL about Jesus!"  through a skit, Bible readings, songs, and the repeated message: Its STILL all about Jesus!  They showed throughout the chapel time that Martin Luther was able to teach that it is Grace Alone, Scripture Alone, and Faith Alone in 5017 and today and every day.